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Marianist Education

Dear Marianist Community

We are starting a new school year - 75 years of history: a long and successful life. It is a year full of changes, challenges, requirements, achievements, recognitions, and demonstrations of what we are. We look back into our past and feel proud of our school and those who helped, are helping, and will help in its continuous journey into the future. Many generations of priests, teachers, and students have passed in these 75 long years.

Our work as educators in Santa Maria, grounded on the foundations of Marianist experience and inspired by the spirit of our founder, William Joseph Chaminade, is to make of our students people of good values: top notch professionals committed to their faith and the society they live in. We want our students to be happy and open to their communities and the world.

We constantly guide our students to reflect on what they do every day in order to know more about themselves, to be creative and original in reading, researching, observing, and acting. This approach also develops their critical thinking skills, as well as their intellectual curiosity and love for the truth.

We guide them to be autonomous: to be able to govern themselves, behaving freely and responsibly. We want them to be open to nature and others, to respect differences, and to be optimistic; we want our students to be advocates of peace, truth, and justice.

Our students practice the values they are taught; we want them to be an example to others and to think of themselves as Marianist students. They are also expected to be sensible to the world around them, discover new needs, and propose solutions. They are the whole reason this school exists.

In our endeavor to support and keep better track of our students’ progress, we will continue to provide various After School Programs for academic and tutorial growth: year-round art workshops, theater (both in English and Spanish), and sports.

With the same goal in mind, we continue to administer internal diagnostic tests, as well as the external evidence census type tests to assess input and output in fifth, seventh, and ninth grade. All this is done with the aim of improving learning and finding tools for the development of our students’ skills.

Like last year, but now in every grade, we will be devoted to the development of Service-Learning projects through various courses, where our students will integrate and apply what they learn into community service. SL (Service-Learning) means service developed by students in solidarity. It is intended for this service to cover the real needs of a community as part of the curriculum planning, depending on what the students are learning at a given time. We hope to see all of you volunteer to support your grade’s projects.

In regard to the English course, and after having been the first school to administer it in Lima, we have made of the TOEFL® Junior (i.e. Test Of English as a Foreign Language for students between 11 and 15 years old) a permanent addition to our fifth grade curriculum. In the same way, we continue to administrate the Michigan English Test (MET) in the 10th grade and the TOEFL® ITP in the 11th grade.

Furthermore, we have reinstated Research class in both 10th and 11th grades, and have extended remediation classes in the 9th grade.

We are preparing our students to go out into the world. We will also be hosting, for the third year in a row, an international career fair on our campus, providing our students with the chance of expanding their college and career choices.

We are open to new academic proposals and pay close attention to the demands of modern pedagogy. Our 75th anniversary compels us to review what has already been done and what still needs to be done. The flame of the spirit and energy to educate should never decrease. Santa Maria is not just a school, it is our home.

We hope to rejoice together in celebrating these 75 years and to keep relying on each other in the work we do with our students.

May God and our Blessed Mother, the Virgin Mary, protect us and guide us always.

Jelena Zoranovic
Academic Dean

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